If you've got any questions on well.. anything ask away and either myself (Niamh), Alanna or Cassidy will do our very best to help
s-trinity: for the 13 year old anon trying to loose weight, apparently the pill does really bad things to your liver. :( I would just try increasing your physical workouts gradually so you don't hurt yourself by taking it too far.
Anonymous: Okay, so I'm 13 years old and really insecure about my body. In trying to lose weight, so I'm going about it in a health way. You know, walking, eating healthy etc. but I'm not losing any weight, and I've been at this for almost a 2 months. Recently I've been seeing ads for a weight loss pill the actually works, it's the natural garcinia cambogia pills. I'm tempted to try it out, but like I said I'm only a 13 year log girl. What do you think I should do?

I would try to not take the medical route, especially since you’re 13. The dieting pills may work for a while, but once you get off of them, you typically just gain all the weight back. It’s good to do just what you said you were doing: eating right and exercising. It takes time to see results, but maybe try stepping it up? Since you’ve been walking for a while, try running or some other activity. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll get there.


Anonymous: I miss my ex boyfriend, I already tried to make him get back together with me again, I said I love you very much. but he said he did not like me as before to my brother, he does not trust me because I've betrayed him once but I already regretted a lot and after that we went back to dating. I do not know what to do, do not wanna let him go. studied in the same school. what do you think?

I think he just needs some time. He’s probably really hurt right now and he’s not going to want to get back together with you immediately if ever. Just realize that you made a mistake, and try not to make it again, but you can’t force him to love you. Just try to continue on with your life.


Anonymous: Hi!! I'm 17 and I feel as though my parents don't trust me. I haven't done anything for them not to trust me, but that won't let me date and they say it's because they don't trust guys but I feel that if they really trusted me they would trust me to be responsible enough to be with someone. How do they ever expect me to find a 'good' guy if I can't explore and date and work out what I want. I really like a guy who's 20 and I want to be with him but I'm frightened of my parent and their reaction.

I think your parents just want to protect you, but maybe try showing them how responsible and mature you are. Try helping out, doing chores, keeping up with work, etc. You’ll be an adult soon, and it’ll be good for your parents to start trusting you with bigger decisions.


Anonymous: I have a problem with my mom... She has changed, she treats me like I'm a piece of trash, she shout's at me even when I don't do a thing... I don't know what to do. Help? I've tryed to talk to her several times.

Instead of talking to her, is there any other adult family member you can speak to about this? Maybe think about what might be making her upset. It’s awful that she’s not willing to talk about it, but maybe you two need some time apart.


Anonymous: Tomorrow will be a mouth since me and my ex broke up. I'm still madly inlove with him. We are friends with what ever and don't see each other a lot. And there no commitment to anything, that us being friends with what ever could end at any point and i'm scared. I'm scared that he is just going to drop me, again.

I think you should get over your ex. He’s not worth your time. I know you gave him a huge part of your life, and he threw it away, but it’s time to let go. There’s no point in pursuing this if he’s not interested.


Anonymous: So I was just curious, this is a little odd...but I'm more experienced than my boyfriend, he's so innocent. But, I'm not exactly sure how to go about helping him relax and just be comfortable and let things happens as they feel right. He's scared and confused and it's partly adorable but I want to show him it's okay, there's nothing he needs to be hesitant about. Sometimes it's like he's fighting his feelings cuz he's scared of the unknown. I've been patient, I like him too much. Any advice?

Just let him ease into it. Since he’s new to this, it might take him time to become comfortable with it. But just be patient with him and try to comfort him. Just tell him straight up that he doesn’t need to be scared or confused.


Anonymous: my bestfriends crush likes me and like hes sweet and all but i dont know if i should go out with him because my bestfriend really likes him. Shes said thats its fine and all but i dont believe she actually fine with it.

If you really really like this guy, then I would go out with him because your friend said that it’s fine. That being said, if you don’t really like him, I think the best thing to do is let your friend have him. She obviously likes him, even though she said it was fine.


Anonymous: So it's this boy and he kiked me out of now where two days ago the. We had a pretty good convo then the day after which was yesterday he kikd me but idk of he's interested in me like my friends think he does......

If you like him, just ask him out! Since he kiked you, I think he might be interested. The worst he can say is no, and if you don’t ask him, you might regret it, so go for it!


Anonymous: i'm the person you recommended talking to someone. I have dissociation,as i mentioned,so i CAN'T. i'm scared of going on those anonymous talking sites out of my mind and even more of people in real life. i have no idea how i brought myself to write on here.

I’m so incredibly sorry for the late reply! You know, you’ve already show that you can overcome that fear. You were able to write to us, weren’t you? I’m proud of you and know that soon you will be able to take it all the way. I wish you the best of luck at your new school.

-Alanna (and my cousin helped me a lot)